Super ComboMan: Smash Edition - Limited Run #280 - PlayStation 4

Playstation 4

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Super Comboman is a colorful beat ‘em up with wacky characters and fast-paced fighting game combat set in a destructible sticker based world. Fluid combos and upgradable moves allow you to smash and juggle enemies with air and ground combos, while developing your own style in the process.

● 2D Fighting Game Inspired Action (you know you love it) – Smash, counter punch, and forward dash into classic 2D platform action and take down an army of DoDoCo thugs coming at you with fighting moves straight outta the classic 2D fighting games move list.

● Unlock & Unleash - Earn your keep by beating down the DoDoCo baddies, and spend your hard earned cash on unlocking new powerful fighting moves like the fire uppercut, air dash, and the ole stand-by dive kick.

● Go Combo Crazy - Rack up killer kombos and activate powerful perks you can unlock in the combo store.

Super ComboMan on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Limited to 1,500 copies available worldwide. Region free.

This release features reversible cover art - which art is sealed outwards has been randomized by the factory. 

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