Escape Goat 2 - Limited Run #141 - PlayStation 4

Playstation 4

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In Escape Goat 2, the successor to the browser game Escape Goat, you will find yourself in another dungeon, and again you have to escape. Each level consists of a single room where you have to reach the exit. As a goat you can move around, jump, double jump and dash (also in the air). Activating triggers and skeleton heads moves around blocks in the environment, there are also several special blocks like pushable or smashable blocks. Keys need to be collected to open doors. Enemies can be tricked into manipulating blocks by moving into their line of sight so projectiles make blocks crumble or melt. In case you trap yourself the level can be restarted directly.

Escape Goat 2 on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Limited to 2,300 copies available worldwide. Region free.

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