Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay - PlayStation 4 * NEW

Playstation 4

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Ready for Mighty Action! A fallen meteor has given the pups mighty powers " and left Adventure Bay in a mighty mess. Now its up to you and the Pups to use their powers, rescue skills and gadgets to make the town PAWsome again! Embark on super-heroic missions with the Mighty Pups and Chases Super Speed, Marshalls Mighty Heat, Skyes Whirlwind Power and the whole mighty PAW Patrol team. Explore the town and journey to Jakes snowboarding resort, Trackers jungle and beyond, as you work together to rescue friends. So, head to the Lookout and get ready for Mighty action! After youre done saving the day, get playful with Pup -Pup Boogie, jump rope and more fun activities side-quests. And bring a friend along in 2-player co-op mode. Mighty Pups, GO!

EVERY PUP IS HERE " Play as Chase, Rubble, Marshall, Everest, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Tracker

EXPLORE ADVENTURE BAY " Take on 7 super-heroic missions to rescue friends and save the day. Plus 7 fun mini-games!

USE MIGHTY POWERS " Play as the pups and use their mighty powers to create whirlwinds, use Energy Super Tools, lift the heaviest things, and more!

TEAM UP ON THE DOUBLE " Two can play in co-op mode on the same screen

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