Micro Arcade - Pocket-Sized Arcade Game - Atari 1 (Centipede, Missile Command, Pong)

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Retro Arcade Games the size of a credit card!

Never before has a full-size arcade game been played in an incredible compact credit card size! Measuring only 3.25 x 2 x .375 of an inch, MicroArcade is the ultimate travel game and easily fits in your pocket! Each game comes with a full color screen, cool sound effects, and directional control buttons, with a micro USB charger included. The MicroArcade games play just like the iconic full-size arcade versions with digitally modified sound effects to fit into the mini flat speaker. Enjoy hours of gameplay without the need for a Wi-Fi connection or data plan!

Micro Arcade Atari Combo Card featuring Missile Command, Centipede and one surprise bonus game

Missile Command: 

Missile Command, the immensely popular space shooter game developed by Atari is back, in a micro size! Take command over three anti-missile bases and defend them and six cities on the ground below from being destroyed by hails of enemy missiles!  Your only defense is to fire back with antiballistic missiles to stop the attack. Only the most skilled players will survive to the end.


Centipede, the classic shoot’em up game by Atari is back in a micro size!  Shoot the advancing centipede and other enemy insects like spiders, beetles and scorpions and earn lots of bonus points!  Be sure to also keep a lookout for the poisonous mushrooms.  Your ultimate goal is to gain as many points as possible and destroy the centipede completely… before it gets to you!

Age: 8+

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