Crusaders of Might and Magic - Playstation


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New World Computing melds the popular realm of 3D adventure games with its venerated Might and Magic franchise to create a hybrid of role playing and pure action. As Drake, recently a member of the High Guard, you set out to destroy the Legion of the Fallen. Much like Tomb Raider, the game is viewed in a third-person perspective (i.e., behind your character's back). Adversaries include legions of foul, undead warriors, sentient hive-dwelling insects, and a nasty group of surly dwarves. Luckily, Drake is adept at both combat and magic, wielding an assortment of melee and ranged weapons, as well as several invaluable spells. Divided into five distinct realms, exploration is encouraged by the non-linear plot. Your character can advance in terms of experience and abilities, but this is more of a single-player adventure than a game of heavy role playing.

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