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Spyro's Adventure for 3DS is a companion game for the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure console game. The player takes the role of a Portal Master who will have Wendel summon two Skylanders at a time to gather the Radiant Crystals needed to remove the veil from the Radiant Isles, free the Seekers, and get rid of Hektore. The game has a hub, a Sanctuary hidden from Hektore, from which the different areas of the Radiant Isles are accessed. Each area has a number of platforming levels to be completed in order to advance through the game. The main goal of the levels is to find the Radiant Crystal, then flee from Hektore who will pursue the Skylanders until they reach the end of the level. The time allotted to flee is limited, and Hektore will start firing laser beams once the timer reaches 30 seconds. Once the main challenge is cleared, other challenges such as Elemental challenges that require a Skylander of a specific element, crystal (the game's currency) gathering challenges, chest-opening challenges and so on, will be unlocked, each rewarding an additional Radiant Crystal. A final Hektore challenge, a race against the clock, becomes available once all the other challenges in a level are completed. The Radiant Crystals have a similar role to that of the Stars in Mario 64, as a certain number of them is required to unlock new areas and progress through the game.

In this game, all the Skylanders from the console version can be imported using a wireless Portal of Power, but only two of them can be imported at once. In addition to their regular attacks, the Skylanders can jump and perform a double jump, as well as run for a short time. As they fight through the levels and gather crystals, they will gain experience and improve their abilities, which are gained by leveling-up rather than through an upgrade system. Each Skylander can reach up to level 10, and the experience gained is added to the figure's level. At the end of each level, the collected crystals are transferred into experience points distributed to both Skylanders.

The Starter Pack includes the Spyro's Adventure 3DS game as well as the following:

  • Dark Spyro figure
  • Ignitor figure
  • Stealth Elf figure

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