Samurai Shodown 2 - Neo Geo Pocket Color

Neo Geo Pocket Color

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Samurai Shodown! 2: Pocket Fighting Series is basically Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage for a handheld system. However it is not a direct port since it makes concessions that its' previous Neo Geo handheld counterpart did. All the characters from the Arcade game appear here, except for Hanma Yagyu, but this version adds the characters Charlotte and Jubei Yagyu.

Gameplay modes include One Player, Survival, and VS mode. In the Survival mode players can earn eight cards for each playable fighter, which can increase a fighters stats or give them additional special moves.

Options let the player choose the difficulty level, points needed to win, and the amount of time per round (for both the player and their opponent for the latter two options).

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