Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures - Xbox 360

Xbox 360

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Kinect Adventures is the main launch game for Microsoft's Kinect peripheral as it comes packed in with the Kinect device, much like Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii.

The game offers five main mini-game challenges, largely geared towards showing off the device with casual, family-oriented gameplay. It requires the peripheral to play with online gameplay and local games for up to two players, head-to-head or cooperatively. Online players can be friends or random players found online.

Each game is essentially played by copying movement of the players and translating it onscreen through their Xbox 360 Avatars, through movement of the body and limbs, including crouching, jumping and movement in a 3-D space. It also incorporates voice chat features where the player can voice unlocked characters and an option allows Kinect to snap pictures of the player during gameplay (shown through an icon of a camera). These pictures are stored locally, but there is also a sharing function through the website Each game also features points earned through beating time challenges and collecting emblems, with various medals awarded depending on player performance.

There are four main adventure modes and the player needs to score at least a bronze medal in each challenge to progress. Next to the main adventure mode there is a Free Play and Timed game mode.

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