Deal or No Deal [Special Edition] - Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

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Deal or No Deal is based on the TV game show of the same name. The show's host, Howie Mandell, also provides the game's tutorials. The basic gameplay follows the show, in that the player chooses one of twenty-six cases, containing some amount of money from one cent to one million dollars, then they open several other cases. Eventually, a deal is offered by "The Banker", based on the average value of the remaining cases, which the player can either take, or reject to open another batch of cases. Occasionally, after The Banker offers a deal, a minigame may begin, giving the player a chance to earn more cash outside of the main game.

All money that the player earns can be spent on the "Showroom", featuring cosmetic unlockables such as cars and houses that can be upgraded with cash.


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