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Metal Walker is a mechanical take on Pokémon, where the story takes place in the future on an island where a mysterious element called core has been discovered. This "core" element was used to create a highly advanced race of robots called Metal Walkers that are used for both labor and protection for the people of the island. One day, however, a gang of robots decide to rebel and end up killing a very prominent member of the island. The player then takes control of the son, Tetsuo, with the help of Dr. Hawk and Tetsuo's Metal Walker in an attempt to hunt down the rebel robots and avenge his father's death.

The gameplay is very similar to Pokémon, where the player explores various areas of the island searching for clues called Data Packets and battling other Metal Walkers or wild Walkers called Metal Busters, but instead of capturing these walkers, the player instead destroys them. Destroying these other Walkers results both in scrap metal and items called Capsules that can be used to upgrade or "evolve" Tetsuo's Walker into a more advanced form. Additionally, the player can take the scrap metal to the Junk Shop where they can also be turned into capsules as well. Additionally, capsules can not only contain power-ups, but traps as well that can be used in battles.

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