Perfect Dark Zero [Collector's Edition] - Xbox 360

Xbox 360

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Joanna Dark is back in the Perfect Dark prequel, Perfect Dark Zero. When a routine mission uncovers a global conspiracy, it's up to you to get to the bottom of it. You take control of Special Agent Joanna Dark as she tries to become the perfect agent by unraveling the plot she's discovered. Perfect Dark Zero includes new weapons, vehicles, and environments to explore. In addition to story mode, there's competitive and cooperative multiplayer for up to four split-screen players.

This limited collector's edition is shipped in a tin case and includes the following:

  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Bonus DVD with a The Art of Perfect Dark Zero video, Kepi & Kat music track, Perfect Dark Zero gamer pictures and Xbox 360 theme, and also the first chapter from the Perfect Dark: Initial Vector novel.
  • Perfect Dark Zero special edition comic booklet, Hong Kong Sunrise
  • A collectible Perfect Dark Zero glyph card
  • Game manual

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