Retro-bit Legacy16 Wireless 2.4GHz Controller - Classic Grey - Super Nintendo | Switch | USB

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Retro-Bit®'s Platinum Series of controllers is dedicated to classic retro gaming and features ultimate versatility for any gaming genre. Modeled after the SNES® controller, The Legacy16 2.4GHz wireless controller features a classic feel but reengineered to accommodate Home and Screenshot buttons, additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, and includes SNES and USB® receivers. This high-quality controller is built with D-input and X-input support to play fluently on Switch, and other USB-enabled devices allowing you to truly experience a modern way of retro gaming with a legacy of a controller.  Compatible with SNES, Switch, and most USB devices Includes SNES and USB 2.4 GHz receivers Additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons Features Home and Screenshot buttons Additional macros for versatile gameplay  *Receivers update via Micro-USB® (Not Included)

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