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Alwas Awakening Collector's Edition -Retro-Bit Publishing - Nintendo NES - New

$ 89.98
Alwa’s Awakening is a Metroidvania-style game centered around Zoe, a young girl transported to the land of Alwa and tasked with bringing peace to the land. Originally released on Steam in 2017, with its sequel Alwa’s Legacy later released in 2020. Elden Pixels teamed up with independent NES® Developer Brad Smith to create the 8-Bit version of Alwa's Awakening. This process involved making the 280 MB original game fit into a 512 KB NES® cartridge but also includes 2 new songs and 3 new areas to explore and a different way to experience the world of Alwa. Elden Pixels’ homage to 8-bit classics is now available for a limited time for the Nintendo Entertainment System® - just as the team originally planned years ago. ### Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition includes: * Frosted 8-Bit Cartridge * Full colored instruction manual * Cartridge Packaging with Exclusive Slipcover * Behind the Game Developer Interview * Certificate of Authenticity * Animated Lenticular Card * Mini level poster