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Blue Fire - Playstation 4 - NEW

$ 29.98
Embark on an extraordinary journey through the desolate kingdom of penumbra and discover the hidden secrets of this long-forgotten land. Explore mystical temples, where you'll need to master the art of movement to survive increasingly difficult 3D platforming challenges. During your adventure you'll slash your way through daunting adversaries, encounter survivors and take on strange quests to collect valuable item's. Hardcore platforming - leap through deadly traps and master movement to navigate gradually demanding platforming challenges. Lost in the Void - Far from penumbra, there is a Lost land called the Void. Find Void entrances throughout the world to uncover abstract platforming challenges that require great mastery to Gather the valuable rewards hidden inside. Slash your way through great adversaries - encounter dangerous enemies with distinct fighting styles and partake in intense combat-platforming boss fights. A haunting world - Travel through the perished world of penumbra as Umbra to explore unique areas filled with diverse enemies, sharp 3D platforming challenges, quests, collectibles and more. Encounter peculiar survivors - a long time has passed since penumbra fell into