Battletoads & Double Dragon - Ultimate Team Green Limited Edition - Super Nintendo - New

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## PreOrder by 12/15/2022 and receive a $10 voucher at release ** Expected Release: Spring 2023 ** **_Pre-Order now and LOCK IN the price_** # THIS 16-BIT CLASSIC IS MEANER AND GREENER! When we announced Battletoads & Double Dragon for the NES®, many questions we received were "what about the SNES® version?" It is no secret that the 8-bit version is both a technical marvel and a highly sought-after title for collectors. So when you take the gameplay of that and give it a 16-bit upgrade with scrolling backgrounds, Mode 7 graphics, smoother animations, and a bumpin' soundtrack, you're gonna get one action-packed cartridge waiting for some couch co-op! **THIS LIMITED RELEASE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING** * This time around, we cranked up the opacity and gave the cartridge the ULTIMATE green. * The box is just as much of a star as the game itself. We debuted our new hardcover game boxes with the NES® version of this game and it was a hit. Now experience our first SNES® hardcover box with this game. * INTERIOR ARTWORK: Our designers asked us "should we use the Battletoads art here or the Double Dragon artwork" and we replied "yes." All five playable characters are present here as well as an individually numbered sticker to let people know this is extra official! * Each of our published titles comes with a re-done manual. Get the details on the story and find out how many different flavors of pain you can bring to the Dark Queen and Shadow Boss.

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