Magic The Gathering The Lord of The Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth Scene Boxes -- All 4 Boxes

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### Order Due Date: 09/15/2023 **Release Date: 11/03/2023** Each The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Scene Boxes contains 6 Traditional Foil Borderless Scene Cards, 6 Art Cards, 3 Set Boosters, and a paper display easel. Each Set Booster contains 12 Magic cards, 1 Art Card, and 1 token/ad card, Helper card, or card from "The List" (a special card from Magic's history-found in 25% of packs), with a combination of 1-4 card(s) of rarity Rare or higher and 3-7 Uncommon, 3-7 Common, and 1 Land cards. A Traditional Foil Land replaces the basic land in 20% of Set Boosters and a Foil-Stamped Signature Art Card replaces the Art Card in 10% of Set Boosters. This item contains 1 of each of the 4 Scene Boxes.

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