[PRE-SALE] Hammerin’ Harry: Concrete Collection - Nintendo NES - New

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**THIS ITEM AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY** The Hammerin’ Harry Concrete Collection brings the first three titles together which stars one of Irem’s most recognizable characters - Harry! Our heroic carpenter stars in Hammerin’ Harry (featuring the NES® port of the original 1990 arcade released in North America in a cartridge for the first time) and Hammerin’ Harry 2: Dan the Red Strikes Back (officially released outside of Japan and translated for the first time). Each one is full of platforming action where you’ll take on the Rusty Nailers, Dr. Parallel, and a giant phantom all here to ruin Harry’s time with his girlfriend. So grab your trusty hammer and headband and... let’s get busy! - Hammerin’ Harry Collector’s Edition for NES® - Hammerin’ Harry 2: Dan the Red Strikes Back Collector’s Edition for NES® - Special Edition Slipcase for Collector’s Editions

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