Official Nintendo Power Guide - Animal Crossing Wild World - Nintendo DS

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The only Official guide from the insiders at Nintendo Wild World of Possibilities! The kooky critters of Animal Crossing are back, and thanks to online play, their world just got a whole lot bigger. Luckily, the Official Nintendo Player's Guide is here to help you navigate the brave, new frontier of Animal Crossing: Wild World. An in-depth look at the wild and wooly world of Animal Crossing: Wild World, including points of interest, special events and surprise guests! A fold out POSTER with information on events happening throughout the year, including a 2006 calendar to help you play Learn how to connect with other DS users through wireless play and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Detailed information on customizing yourself, home and town, plus 18 custom design patterns, including your favorite Nintendo characters Complete items catalog including furniture, clothing, accessories and wildlife Complete strategy for the Nintendo DS game: Animal Crossing: Wild World!

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