RoboCop 3 (Super Nintendo, NES) Ad Scan - 1992

January 24, 2015

Old Detroit. The streets are full of danger. Only one man can stand alone against such numbers - ROBOCOP! With state of the art weaponry, a skin of steel and nerves to match, he stalks his prey... evil-doers everywhere! Read more at GameFAQs. Continue Reading →

Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (Sega Genesis) - Ad Scan 1992

January 23, 2015

  The bubble-blowing, goo-shooting, high-fivin' Mick and Mack are unleashed into Sega action in their new global adventure, THE GLOBAL GLADIATORS! Vividly dramatic landscape and scenery fill every world as Mick and Mack spring, dash and blast through more than 1,250 frames of character animation - over ten times more than ever seen before! From skidding through perilous peaks in a world of ice, to dodging the infamous Red Snappy Piranha in the... Read More at GameFAQs. Continue Reading →